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Brad Stevens post game presser – Knicks

Brad Stevens post game presser – Knicks

Head Coach Brad Stevens

Re: Terry Rozier’s starting and getting a triple-double

“Well, when I got the update on Shane (Larkin) I was pretty sure he’d play 48 minutes. But I thought he played great, and, you know, he just made the right basketball play. He did a couple of things that he hasn’t done before with regard to the lob and a couple of the looks that he made, I thought, really quickly. He’s done them before but he made them very, very consistently tonight. And then obviously he’s always good coming off those screens and shooting and scoring. So it was good to – it was good to see him play well. I’m happy for him. He deserves it.”

Re: Update on Marcus Morris’ injury

“Fell on his butt. And, don’t know – don’t know how he’s going to feel tomorrow. It sounds like he’ll probably be pretty sore, but we’ll wait and see. We’ll know more tomorrow.”

Re: Explanation about what happened when Morris went down

“Yeah, we can’t stop the clock, because it’s their ball. So, I can’t call timeout until the foul occurs. Then you can call timeout, walk out on the floor, help him up. We fouled away from the ball. So, I guess we didn’t cover that entire scenario in the preseason.”

Re: Having Al Horford facilitate the offense, including playing point guard

“That’s fun. This is what you – this is the fun stuff. We were planning on playing, especially when Kyrie (Irving) was out of the game, we were planning on playing big like that with Gordon (Hayward) as the point. And so, if you remember at the end of the Philadelphia game, that’s how we played, and felt pretty good about it. Looked back at some of the Bulls stuff from last year when he brought the ball up against the Bulls in the playoffs, and told everybody beforehand that he could very well be the point guard on our big group. So, it was fun to see him play that way.”

Re: How much the Celtics have practiced having Horford play point guard

“We play a five-out. We play a bunch of five-out actions where we can call them on the fly, where he usually will receive the pass from the point guard. But we just told him, ‘Bring it up, and we’ll play out of that way.’ And, like I said, we did it last year in the playoffs against the Bulls when they were really picking Isaiah (Thomas) up. And then we, you know, did it in the last three minutes of the Philly game when we made that run to come back. So, wasn’t the first time we’ve done it, but it was something that we felt like we were going to have to do tonight.”

Re: Importance of having different contributors when Kyrie Irving isn’t available

“I think, you know, when we played without Kyrie last week – or in the Philly game, whenever that was – I felt like our offensive attack was more of a function of kind of where we were as a whole team, not necessarily playing without Kyrie on that given night. You know, we didn’t play well offensively in the New Orleans game, that game, or the Orlando game in my opinion, and – and then finally, I thought we got ourselves a little bit more re-centered. We played a lot better out west. So, I was really interested to see how tonight would go without Kyrie.”

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