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Brad Stevens post game – Pacers

Brad Stevens post game – Pacers

Head Coach Brad Stevens

Difference between the third quarter and other quarters

“Well, I thought we started the game really going through the motions, and I thought they started the game really playing with great force and purpose. And I just thought we – we did a better job of that in the third quarter. There wasn’t anything tactically to change, because there was nothing tactically to talk about at halftime. I thought that their force, their purpose, their aggressiveness, their speed was an issue.”

Re: Fourth quarter

“Fourth quarter, we had a couple of chances to – to take the lead there, when it was 80-78, and we didn’t convert three or four possessions. We finally did take the lead but then they did a great job with that (Victor) Oladipo/(Myles) Turner pick and roll. We were back – or we were dropping and trying to keep Oladipo in front of us, and he scored, on the pull-ups. We blitzed it, Turner hits the shot against Al (Horford). We switched it, Turner dunks it on the – on rebound. Like, they did a great job of playing against every – everything you can do against it, and credit them for that.”

Re: Whether fatigue affected shots not falling and players not attacking as much in the fourth quarter

“Yeah. Maybe. I think it’s – when you dig yourself a big hole, I mean, that’s pretty – that’s usual – that’s typical. I would just say that, you know, I think that our biggest issue as a team is we – we aren’t crisp. We don’t crisply do things on offense. We – we – we are probably more of a short-cut taking team then we need to be, to be the best version of ourselves, and I thought that hurt us in the first half more than in the second, but certainly then you’re digging such a hole that it can be a number of things why you can get back over the hump. But, you know, in the first half, I mean, maybe it’s their speed, maybe it’s the force they were playing with, but for every reason we were – we were behind on everything. And I think it starts with our desire to really, really execute.”

Re: Was fatigue an issue in the first half, after the overtime game last night

“No. I mean, I’ve seen these guys, obviously, that’s part of the NBA. That’s part of the schedule. You don’t make excuses for that. Everybody has those things. And I’ve seen us play a lot more focused and a lot more crisp when we’re tired, than we did in that first half.”

Re: What he means in calling the Celtics “a short-cut team right now” – and how to change that

“We just have to – we have to get better cutting, we have to get better screening, we have to get to our spots quicker, we have to not take for granted not every single cut. We have to get the ball where it needs to be. We’re just not as good. And to me, that’s on me. And I’ve got to do a better job of holding us accountable to doing that. And so, you know, I will do that.”

Re: Working on those things with limited practice time

“We’ll have enough practice time to do it well. Then it will be, you know, if we decide that it’s the most important things”

Re: Reason why Greg Monroe didn’t play in the second half

“I thought that I could’ve gone with anybody in that group at the big spots, but with the desire to really execute at a higher level, I felt like we had to go with the guys that have been here. And then we had to play small after our starting group, I felt like, because speed was an issue in the first half for our team.”

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