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Brad Stevens post game interview – Celtics destroy Cavs

Brad Stevens post game interview – Celtics destroy Cavs

Re: What this victory should do to the team’s psyche and confidence

“I think that that stuff is obviously important, but I think it’s more important to just kind of stay in the moment, prepare, play the right way, and, you know, we’re not going to go out and overdo this. I mean, they were playing on the second night of a back-to-back, we had a couple of days off, we looked fresh, I thought, which is a welcome sign. And then, and then we’ve got a tough one Friday, that we’ve got to turn our attention to.”

Re: Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier’s freshness and aggressiveness off the bench

“They were great. They were great. And then Daniel Theis, too, coming in and making those shots in the first half. Like, sometimes against teams like this you have to score; it’s obvious you have to score to kind of keep the other team at bay. You know, when (Kyle) Korver goes on that mini-run that he does, even those really, really hard shots, we went down and scored enough to kind of maintain a lead and our composure to then – once we were able to get some stops – push the lead out. But I thought those two guards off the bench were really important for that.”

Re: Getting the combinations of players he wants, now that the team is healthy again

“Well, I don’t know that we exactly know them, as far as exactly how it’ll all fit together. I mean, there’s going to be games where we’ll start (Al) Horford and (Aron) Baynes and Theis will play 20 minutes, you know. And there will be games where it’s a little bit more difficult to do that, based on the shooting that’s out on the floor. And so, I just appreciate the willingness of all these guys to play their roles to the best of their ability, because that’s how teams work.”

Re: How having more length and athleticism this year helps, especially against Cleveland

“It’s all – it’s all about being able to be versatile and switch. It’s one of the things with having (Marcus) Morris out, (Semi) Ojeleye out, (Jaylen) Brown missing some games, obviously (Gordon) Hayward, that we haven’t been able to take advantage of here, recently, as much, but it’s really important. You know, against LeBron (James), there’s nobody that can guard him the whole game, so you have to throw as many bodies at him as you can, and then pray.”

Re: Jayson Tatum’s consistency in the first half of his first season

“Yeah, he’s good. He’s a good player. I mean, I think he’s got a chance to be really good, so hopefully he stays the course.”

Re: Celtics’ defense tonight

“It was pretty good. I thought that the biggest concern for me was the third-quarter drought offensively. Because we were getting stops, we were really battling defensively, but then you know no matter how well you guard these guys, they’re going to score some. And again, it’s kind of like Korver’s run, like if you can’t keep them at bay by scoring too, that’s a problem. So I thought our defense was really locked-in all night; I thought we played really purposeful. We weren’t perfect, but we tried to make them go through us to score. And we did a good job of that. Again, I think taking away the transition layups was a part of it, and that’s hard to do against these guys.”

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