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Brad Stevens post game – 76er’s

Brad Stevens post game – 76er’s

Head Coach Brad Stevens

Re: What the Sixers were able to do defensively, without Kyrie Irving on the court

“Well first of all, they’re a really good defensive team, so I don’t want to take anything away from them. I just didn’t think we played hard enough on offense. I thought we played hard on defense. And it’s, I guess, a unique game when you’re playing hard on one end of the floor but not on the other, but we just, you know, we were very sloppy, over-dribbled, dribble didn’t take us anywhere, not moving the ball, not getting to spots. And when Kyrie’s out, you’ve got to be even better at those things. So, and then at the end of the game, you turn it up to a different level on offense, and goo things happen.”

Re: Factors leading to the high number of turnovers

“Well again, I don’t want to take anything away from Philadelphia. They turn people over. They certainly made us look poor. But if you’re not going to own your space then you’re going to turn the ball over. And that’s two –

out of the last two games we’ve played against Philadelphia – that’s six out of eight quarters. So, we’ve been dominated. So, that should’ve been a – an alert to be better with the ball. To be tougher with the ball and owning your space and getting to spots and everything else and we just weren’t.”

Are you worried that players could feel they can always come back from a deficit, since they’ve done it so many times this year?

“Yeah, and that’s a good question. If we do, we won’t be very good. So that’ll take care of itself. That’ll humble us enough and we’ll keep losing. I mean, that’s what happens when you do that. So, other teams get better as the year goes on and they get better at holding those leads, and get better at playing in that situation. And, I never thought we had much of a shot, even when we were making that run at the end. I just thought they dominated the game. You know, sometimes the game goes the way it deserves to go.”

Do you just turn the page on this game?

“Not for me. No. I’m disappointed in our offensive effort.”

Re: What prompted the time-out 15 seconds into the second quarter

“Exactly what I’m talking about.”

Re: What he said during that time-out

“Same thing I said between quarters.”

Did it take a while for what he said, to resonate?

“It at least took 15 seconds. And probably more like 44 minutes is how long it took to resonate. We just didn’t play hard enough, on offense. And again, we played really hard on defense and it’s a testament to them that we knew coming in that you have to play with great intensity on offense to get what you want, because they deny you, they switch, they’re long, they’re athletic. Without (J.J. Redick) they’re going to play longer guys, so you knew there was going to be more switching. And we – very rarely do people talk about, like, the motor and the offensive – how hard you have to play on that end. And we just didn’t do it.”

Re: Kyrie Irving’s being named an All-Star starter

“Certainly deserves it. He’s had a great year. And I’m hopeful that Al will make the team as well. But those guys deserve all the credit they receive.”

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