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Brad Stevens following win over Wolves “I thought our defensive intensity and focus was great all night…”

Brad Stevens following win over Wolves “I thought our defensive intensity and focus was great all night…”

Re: Difference in team’s energy, now that there have been some practices and days off

“Well we’ve had two practices, and a snow day. And I think the most important thing has been the off-time. But, you know I thought it helped our defensive intensity. I thought our defensive intensity and focus was great all night, and then to win a game like that against a really good team where you can’t make a shot is, you know, that’s a good thing. Because you’re going to have nights like that, and you just have to find a way.”

Re: The bench’s improvement in the last few games, on both ends of the floor

“I thought that they were really good. I thought (Daniel) Theis was good all night; you know, obviously, (Karl-Anthony) Towns is a really tough match-up. You just try to throw as many bodies as you can at him. But, his ability to make a shot and also to roll to the rim is really helpful. And then I thought Terry (Rozier) and (Marcus) Smart, you know – those guys are good players. They’ve been doing it for a long time here, and they just keep getting better and better. And I thought that that group at the start of the fourth quarter – Theis, (Aron) Baynes, Terry, Smart, and Kyrie (Irving) – probably hasn’t played one minute together before that, but it was a good, effective group together and kind of pushed the lead out.”

Re: Decision to put Irving in at the beginning of the fourth

“I took him out a little bit earlier in the third, with that intent.”

Re: Happy reaction when Rozier hit his third-chance three-pointer

“I think one of the things that you never want to do, is you never want to overreact to shots not going down that are good shots. And so, like, I think that sometimes it’s just about smiling, letting it fly, don’t worry about the result. Just believe you’re going to make the next one. And you keep shooting the right ones, you will. Now I thought that we just got to the point where it looked like we were hoping on every shot. But our defense never waned, which was really encouraging. Because earlier this year when we played Miami here, and they went on that little run, and we couldn’t score – I thought we weren’t as good at staying the course. So, it’s hopefully what experience has built you up.”

Re: Smart’s offense

“One of the things about – sometimes when we’re struggling, I think the ball is going to find energy. And Marcus Smart has energy. And plays that way and plays with a great chip. I think that he is doing a really good job right now of choosing the right ones. You know, he had a couple where he got into the paint, or just outside the paint. Shot a pull-up with the right amount of shot prep and everything else and it went down. And then I think he’s really trying to get to the rim when he can. And so, it’s been a – he’s playing at a good level. We need him to continue to do so. Obviously, he’s a really important part of our team. It’s hard to go small tonight, which is a little bit unique, because of their – their size. And so, we didn’t go small until the last three or four minutes. But Smart’s ability to guard those other positions helps.”

Re: Al Horford’s knee

“Al – something happened in the first half, where – and you could tell; he was kind of feeling for it on a couple of different possessions, so I took him out. He went back to the locker room. Got it checked out. Did a bunch of exercises at halftime. They didn’t have a diagnosis; they just said it was sore. And so they put that sleeve on there. I’m not sure what it was, but I’m sure he’ll be reevaluated right now. But he felt good enough to play in the second half, and was moving well, I thought.”

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