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On the craziness of the game…

Yeah, it’s good to go out there and play with the team. It was a pretty wild game. Seven-five is a lot of goals for the first game. Too bad we came up on the wrong end of it.

On rustiness…

I’m not sure. I think it’s a lot of these guys’ first game. Not a real game, but first kind of scrimmage, first time they get out there and battle. I don’t know if it’s rust, but knocking the kinks out and getting used to playing in a game.

On his performance

It felt good to get on the score sheet, but the main thing is winning and getting the—obviously not the two points, it’s an exhibition game—but you always want to win.

On Providence’s performance…

They’re a really hard working team out there. It seems like when I was down there, every game we’d only score two or three goals. For them to put up seven against the Boston Bruins, you got to tip your cap to them. We’ve been struggling to score goals but it didn’t really look like that tonight for them.

On distributing an assist on Boston’s power play goal…

It felt great. That’s a play that we want to run out there, a drop-off to [Marchand] and hit [Seidenberg] on the back door. He had an unbelievable shot, I think it went bar down. It’s good to get one on the power play. It’s something they’ve been stressing throughout camp, so it’s nice to get one.

On the Bruins’ sloppiness…

That comes with the territory where guys haven’t played in—I don’t know how long it’s been. Eight months, that’s a long time without playing a game. That’s to be expected. Guys have to get used to getting back in the flow of the game, but there were some nice plays out there.

On wearing the Bruins jersey in the Garden…

It was great. I think I’ve said it a thousand times. It’s something that I’ve always dreamed of, putting that Bruins sweater on and skating on Garden ice. It felt great to finally do it. Hopefully I get a chance to do that on Saturday night.

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