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Bill Belichick…”guys made the plays that they need to make.”

Bill Belichick…”guys made the plays that they need to make.”


patriots logo 3OPENING STATEMENT: That was quite a game. There were so many elements to it, back and forth, offense, defense, special teams, turnovers, big plays, penalties. There were a lot of things. In the end, guys made the plays that they need to make. We had a big stop down there on the goal line. When the Giants got down there, they tried to run that roll out… that kind of pick play that they like. We got the ball back and barely had enough time to get into field goal range and Stephen [Gostkowski] made a great kick. Give our players the credit, they really stepped up. Obviously the Giants are a good football team… it was good to come down here and win.

Q: Stephen [Gostkowski] said that he hums a song in timeouts before field goals. Do you sing any songs on the sidelines?
A: I am just trying to coach a game.

Q: How emotional was it to play the Giants, given your history against them?
A: I don’t think about it a lot, not before the guys that are here on the team. We put a lot into this game; we played hard, they played hard. It was a good win.

Q: Did you think that the Odell Beckham catch would stand?
A: It looked like a close play. There were a lot of close plays in that game. They certainly reviewed it.

Q: Outside of playoff games, have you been in many better games than this?
A: It’s always good to win. I don’t rank them. It’s good to win.

Q: Could you tell Gostkowski’s game winning kick was good?
A: Looked pretty good. Looked pretty good. Looked like it was going to be inside the left upright. I thought 53 [yards] for Steve, especially kicking that way … there wasn’t a lot of wind but what little wind there was it was tending to blow that direction. I think there was a little more wind earlier in the game – I think it died down – from their bench to our bench. So if anything, I think the wind was kind of blowing it to the kicker’s left. Stephen hits a true ball. I’ve seen him hit so many of those, in practice and in games. The way it came off his foot, it was straight; there was no tumble, it was true. That’s the guy you want out there. You want your best player in that situation – an opportunity to win the game for you – and he did, as he’s done many times before.

Q: On Malcolm Butler’s play against Odell Beckham Jr.
A: They competed. They’re two good football players. Beckham … can’t say enough about him, how competitive he is. Those two guys probably have a lot in common in terms of their competitiveness, their toughness. They may both be a little undersized but [with] big hearts and big competitors. Beckham is tough, he does everything well. We talked about him all week. He was impressive today.

Q: What made you decide to use your timeouts before the 2-minute warning?
A: We just thought that was the best way to handle it.

Q: Were you relieved when Manning threw to Harris for 18 yards to get inside the 10-yard line?
A: No.

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