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Belichick’s need to belittle his opponents is frankly embarrassing

Belichick’s need to belittle his opponents is frankly embarrassing

Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

Let’s face it, anyone who argues against Bill Belichick being the best coach in the history of the NFL and Tom Brady being the greatest quarterback of all-time is either ignorant or delusional.  After opening the season 2-0 with a staggering 73 points score and only 3 surrendered – against two teams that have combined for a -124 point differential in the first two weeks of the season – the approaching AARP HC and QB dynamic duo – who are well into uncharted territory as senior citizens in what was once a young man’s game – look as if they are almost certainly headed to at least the AFC Championship game for the insane 9th straight season.

And if the first two games of what has become a fait accompli road to their annual AFC East title that has become a birthright to the millennials who think the Patriots invented the game of football beginning in 2001, that likely result in the Conference Championship game being played in the friendly confines of Gillette Stadium in Foxboro next January.

And despite the best efforts of the late Pete Rozelle – who birthed the modern version of the game that far exceeds the popularity of any of the other major professional sports in North America – the fact remains that there are three teams in the league that strives for mediocrity as it’s mean that have a legitimate chance to take home the Lombardi Trophy next February.

(Side note – I’d mention the name of perhaps the biggest sporting/spectator event around the globe.  However, unless you are sending a check to Roger Goodell’s office in Manhattan before doing so, the man who fancies himself as the “Ginger Hammer” and the czar of the NFL can threaten to place anyone with the audacity to do so with a life sentence in debtor’s prison for even mouthing the words without paying a royalty.)

If anyone other than the Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs or the Los Angeles Rams leaves the stadium that big, bad Bill just utterly embarrassed and disrespected his former defensive coordinator that he didn’t even deem worthy of the title last season en route to winning the franchise’s sixth title less than five months ago next February 2nd, it would be an upset of record proportions.

Perhaps one even greater than the worst sore loser in the history of the NFL showing the least bit of class.  But I digress.

For the second week in a row with a blowout win well in hand, the universally hated man who made hoodies with cutoff sleeves all the rage among the sycophants that think he can do no wrong in New England, called a timeout with mere seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter.

Not only was it enough to show the rest of the league that the Patriots were once again a Ferrari in a league of largely broken down Fords, he wanted to savor the misery just a few seconds longer as yet another inferior coaching staff and team were exposed by the almighty gridiron genius.

That lack of sportsmanship and respect for an opponent that was utterly undressed by the most consistently successful franchise that professional football has ever seen – and most certainly won’t see again – wreaks of an arrogance that has come to define the Belichick built teams since the turn of the century when the team in Foxboro was looked upon the way the Buffalo Bills are today.

The NFL’s version of pergatory.

Yet, almost unanimously, the toadies to have been brainwashed to believe that the phrase “In Bill We Trust” is as hallowed to Patriots fans as the Lord’s Prayer is to Christians, will defend their sideline savior’s crass and character lacking behavior until their dying breath.

To no one’s surprise, the team that Belichick deems fit to fill with anyone that can help him win – even if they have the morals of those who no clear thinking fan of the team would ever even consider leaving them alone for even the briefest of moments around their family – is once again the envy of the NFL.  And the mostly pawn-like Patriots fans have no problem with that.

Belichick’s belittling of the Dolphins in Miami by the uncompetitive score of 43-0 – and the joy that Pats fans take in the folly that was supposed to be a professional football game, is just another example that the term sportsmanship has no place in the club’s lexicon that was long known to most NFL fans as the “Patsies”.

Not for nothing, the phase “history repeats itself” has been around forever for a reason.  Until that fast approaching time comes, stay arrogant Patriots fans.

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