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Belichick’s bungled drafts – and enormous ego – are the reason for the Pats plummet

Belichick’s bungled drafts – and enormous ego – are the reason for the Pats plummet

By Kevin Flanagan

Forget about the missing sleeves for his patented hoodie the mastermind – or so it seemed – for the NFL team that calls Foxboro home and former Teflon emperor is rapidly being undressed in the most unsettling manner.

Bill Belichick’s pedestrian Patriots fell to 2-4 on the season Sunday. His former backup QB, Jimmy Garoppolo led his San Francisco 49ers as they took his old coach and the ghost of the team he was traded from three years ago to the back of the woodshed at Gillette Stadium and beat them silly.

Meanwhile, the unanimously recognized greatest signal-caller to ever play the game Tom Brady, thrashed the Raiders in their new palatial home in Las Vegas by the score of 45-20.

The road win raised his new team in Tampa Bay’s record to 5-2 as the GOAT, now clad in a pewter helmet, posted a stat line of 33-of-45, 369 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs, and a 127.0 quarterback rating. 

Not bad for a washed-up 43-year-old that the once worshipped Hooded One couldn’t walk away from quick enough, eh?

But, In Bill We Trust, right?


The precipitous fall from contender to pretender rests solely on the rapidly sloping shoulders of the contentious czar whose poor decisions have led the former perennial contenders into their demise.

For a majority of their two decades together, Brady was the salve that made GM Bill’s bad decisions go away. Some day when the smoke that has been blown up their ass for too many years to count has cleared, perhaps Pats fans – not sycophants – will realize just how many opportunities to win it all were lost because Belichick insisted on being the smartest guy in the room.  

With all due respect to Julian Edelman, imagine if you were a 42-year-old quarterback trying to win his seventh title and your number one receiver was a five-foot-nothing guy on the wrong side of 30 that has been beaten to shit. You would likely give the arrogant a-hole that has rode your ass for 20 years the double bird on your way out of the door too.

The fact of the matter is – COVID-19 pandemic or not – Belichick has built a roster that isn’t competitive. His most talented players are past their prime, and he’s assembled an offense that is frankly pathetic. 

With no real succession plan for the consensus greatest quarterback ever to play the game that he grew so jealous of, he forced him to leave the franchise known more for its foibles before he led them to six championships.  

The once unquestionable pigskin guru let the gift that the late Dick Rahbiein had to talk him into taking with the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft in the trash heap to feed his ever-expansive ego.

That’s pretty trustworthy, right?

I know that it is not easy for those who think that it is their birthright to watch their team play in the Super Bowl every other year, but Robert Kraft’s team is currently closer to the bottom of the NFL than the top.

Belichick’s history of bad drafts is catching up with him. No longer can he rely on TB12 to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. And no matter how good you are at drawing up the Xs and Os, when you are counting on inferior talent to execute even the best-conceived game plan, you can add all the mayonnaise you want, but you still end up with a shit sandwich.

It is not an ideal meal, for sure. However, Patriots fans better acquire a taste for it soon because Bill’s inability to build for the future means the menu is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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(Cover photo credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports)

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