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Q: The NFL said it’s looking into the footballs being used in the game with one Indianapolis report suggesting that the Patriots intentionally deflated the footballs. What is your presponse to that?

BB: We’ll cooperate fully with whatever the league wants us to; whatever questions they have for us, whatever they want us to do.

Q: Did you know as the game was going on last night that there was potentially an issue? Was any concern brought to you at the time of the game?

BB: No, I didn’t know anything about it until this morning.

Q: What do you think of the topic, the idea that we’re talking about deflated footballs? Could that potentially be an advantage for a team?

BB: Look, you’re asking the questions. I’m just trying to answer them.

Q: Were the Patriots using deflated footballs?

BB: I just said the first I heard of it was this morning. Whatever we need from the league then that’s what we’ll do.

Q: Can you give us a feel for what the next couple days will be like for the team?

BB: From a staff standpoint, we put everything we had into the Colts game. Our players played really well last night so we have an opportunity to continue our season. We’ll really start digging into Seattle hard and all the logistics and things like that that we need to handle in the next couple days, which we have people on our staff, very experienced people, dealing with that and trying to take care of individual needs, plus our collective team needs. When we bring the players back in, then we’ll start on Seattle. But I don’t think right now we’re, as a staff, ready to do that. Again, we’ve got a lot of logistical things in terms of finalizing our schedule and what days we want to work on what and how to put ourselves in the best possible position to play well next Sunday. I think that’s all part of the conversation, too, that is ongoing for us in the next probably day or two, until we get all that straightened out.

Q: Is there anything when you were re-watching the game today that impressed you more about the defense?

BB: I think we had a lot of guys play well and we played well at a number of different positions. It wasn’t perfect. They hit us on a few things, but we were competitive. We tackled well and kept the ball in front of us and so that was pretty good. But I thought we had a decent rush and competitive coverage in the short, intermediate and deep parts of the field. Again, not perfect, but it was competitive.

Q: In the first half, it looked like Kyle Arrington got picked and Devin McCourty noticed that and broke up a pass to T.Y. Hilton. In another play, it looked like Arrington got picked again and Darrelle Revis came off his assignment to make a play there. How did the instinctiveness of Revis and McCourty factor into those two plays?

BB: I’d say on Devin’s play, that was kind of his play. I’d have to go back and look at the Revis play. I haven’t gotten quite that far yet, so I can’t comment on that one. Devin’s play was a good play, but a play that I thought he would have been in position to be able to make, and he was.

Q: What are your thoughts on Pete Carroll and any connection you have with him?

BB: I think Pete’s a great football coach. His record speaks for itself. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Pete. He believes what he believes in. I think that they kind of have their way of doing things, but it works very well and Pete’s consistent, he’s got a consistent message. I think he’s coached pretty much the same type of – he has the same type of style and similar type of coaching personality and scheme and just kind of the whole thing for many years now. It’s well over 20 years that I’ve coached against him and known him through our different competitions in the National Football League. Then in college when he was at USC, you saw more of that and he had tremendous success there. Pete’s a good friend. I sit down and talked with him on many occasions and I really respect what he does [and] how he does it. His players play hard, they play well and he has a really resilient team with a lot of energy. I think that he’s done a tremendous job in Seattle, as he did at SC and he’s a really good football coach, and they have a really good team. I like Pete; like him a lot.

Q: When it comes to LeGarrette Blount and his size and skills, is there anybody you’d compare him to?

BB: That’s a tough one. You don’t see a lot of guys like him. You just don’t. I thought a couple of cuts he made last night, the way he can stop, start, accelerate, change directions – for a 250-pound guy or whatever he is, he’s got great vision and athleticism. At times he looks like a small back, but he’s not. He’s a big guy and he’s a hard guy to tackle. He runs through a lot of tackles or steps over guys that are trying to take him down, cut him and that kind of thing because of his size. He’s got really good instincts and vision and athleticism. He can make you miss tackles a lot of different ways with his vision, his quickness and his size. Yeah, he’s a hard guy to handle.

Q: Vince Wilfork was telling us about his night and how he helped pull a woman out of a car that was flipped over when he was driving home. What does that say about his character and what you’ve come to know about him over the last decade?

BB: I think Vince is a really unique and interesting individual. He’s accomplished, obviously, a lot in his professional life, but on the personal side of it, he’s got a lot of character and a lot of integrity. His parents passing away, I know when we drafted him back over 10 years ago, just how quickly he had to grow up and mature given his situation and how close he is with his family and how much he supports the people that depend on him, but how generous he is with his time and just personal support, it isn’t even just the time, just the interest and the compassion that he has for other fellow human beings. No, it doesn’t surprise me because that’s really the type of person he is. He’s got really high character, has really good leadership and chemistry on our team. People kind of gravitate to him and [his wife] Bianca. He does a lot of things behind the scenes and isn’t looking to get out there and be out front about it. He just does it and a lot of times you see and recognize it, but I’m sure there are a lot of times that he does it and he or maybe one other person knows what he did. He does it for the right reasons, not for some kind of personal gain. It’s the right thing to do. He’s got a lot of integrity.


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