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Belichick talks Colts

Belichick talks Colts


Q: What are your thoughts on the Colts in terms of the challenges they present?
BB: Good. Obviously, they won their last three games, two without [Andrew] Luck. Good run defense, good specialists, explosive offense, so we’ve got a lot to get ready for.

Q: Has their run defense improved significantly since last season?
BB: Well, I mean, they’re leading the league in negative plays against the run. They’ve done a good job.

Q: What have their rookies on the defensive front, David Parry and Henry Anderson, done to help their overall defense?
BB: Parry plays primarily on the nose, and Anderson primarily plays three-technique, also plays some on the tackle. Anderson is really long – I think six-five – good playing strength, tough guy. Parry is the nose tackle, is really stout inside and has good playing strength.

Q: Have those guys changed what they do defensively or is it a similar scheme to what you saw last year?
BB: I wouldn’t say there have been a lot of changes in their scheme.

Q: Do you expect the Colts to adapt more of the Matt Hasselbeck style of offense moving forward, regardless of who is playing quarterback, to protect whoever is in there?
BB: Yeah, well, we don’t have any control over that. We just have to defend whatever they do, so we’ll prepare for the things that they have done, what we think they will do, and whatever they decide to do, they decide to do.

Q: How has their game plan changed with Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback as opposed to Andrew Luck?
BB: Well, I’d say they’re a little bit of a game plan team anyways. They don’t always do the same thing every week. It depends on what the defense does or where they feel their matchups are. Some of that changes a little bit from game to game, so I’m sure they’ll have whatever they think is best against us, I’m sure that’s what they’ll do against us.


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