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Belichick meets with the media prior to flying to Denver

Belichick meets with the media prior to flying to Denver

Patriots vs Broncos on Sunday for AFC title

Patriots vs Broncos on Sunday for AFC title

You were in full pads for practice yesterday. How much contact was there?
BB: Just like a regular kind of Wednesday or Thursday practice.

Q: Was it a good opportunity to work on the run game?
BB: Yeah, pads are always good for the run game, for all the line of scrimmage work, blitz pickup, short yardage, goal-line, tempo, pad level.

Q: Is there anything specifically about the Broncos running game that presented a problem for you last time?
BB: It was definitely a problem. We just didn’t play very well. Give up 179 yards, I mean, that’s not where we want to be.

Q: How much did the return of Sebastian Vollmer help the offensive line last week? Do you think you can duplicate that performance this week?
BB: I don’t know. We’re playing the game. [It’s] always good to have any player. It’s good to have every player back, any player back, so it’s good to have Sebastian back. It’s good to have any player back. I don’t know. We’ll prepare for it and see how it goes.

Q: Have you seen Denver’s running game improve as the season has gone on?
BB: Probably the best it was [was] against us, so we saw it.

Q: How was the team’s preparation this week?
BB: We’ll see.

Q: How has Keshawn Martin developed in the offense?
BB: Good. Good, again, Keshawn had a good, relatively good background with what we were doing. A lot of the terminology is similar to Houston and what [Texans head coach] Billy [O’Brien] did. But still, it’s different, and the timing is different. There are certainly a lot of differences, but he had a good start on that. He missed the couple weeks there around mid-season. But he’s done a good job for us returning the ball and offensively and has played multiple positions, so he’s been a solid addition for us. I’m glad we have him.

Q: Has he exceeded your expectations since you brought him in?
BB: We thought he would help us. That’s why we traded for him.

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