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(on how game prep went for both coaches)

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll: “We’ve had a great two weeks. It’s been nothing but fun. The opportunity that presents itself playing in this game is so special and so unique. Everybody is tuned in and we’re grateful for being here. Thrilled to have the matchup that we have with a great organization in Bill (Belichick) and New England. They do things and they’ve done them so well for so long. It presents just as high class a matchup for us as we can expect. Everyone is in great shape for us. We’re ready to go. Fortunately we made it through without anybody getting nicked and are about as healthy as we can hope to be at this time of the year. We’re ready for it. It’s really getting close and we can feel it. We’re ready for game time.”

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick: “We’ve had a great week down through. Our hotel setup, the Cardinals facility and the accommodations, everything’s been great. We’ve gotten a lot done. Certainly it’s a huge challenge to prepare for the Seattle Seahawks. They’re a great football organization and they have a great team. They’re strong in every area. I think everyone knows how much respect I have for Seattle and Pete and the job that they do. I don’t think fun is the word that I’d use. It’s been a huge challenge. It’s a tough team to prepare for, but I certainly have all the respect in the world for them. I could see why they were champions last year and why they are here again this year. They do so many things well on so many levels and we’re going to have to try to match that performance on Sunday. With that being said, our teams excited. They’ve worked very hard to get to this point. We’re excited for the opportunity and it will be a great matchup.”

(on the plan for Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman’s if his girlfriend goes into labor on Super Bowl Sunday)

Carroll: “Well that’s up to Richard. He knows that he has an opportunity to face a great decision. Whenever our players have a personal family issue that comes up, it’s always about the family first and they have to decide what’s best for them, and I support that. However he goes with that- if he’s faced with that decision- we’ll support that. We’ll see how that goes. Wish him luck. Can’t wait to see little Petey.”

(on the job that Founder and Chairman Paul Allen has done to allow Executive Vice President/General Manager John Schneider and Carroll build a winning foundation)

Carroll: “We couldn’t have been blessed with a better situation. Right from the first word about this opportunity, they wanted to present this in a way that would allow us to really coach this thing up the way a coach wants to do it. We had tremendous freedom. The opportunity to work with John Schneider, who’s been extraordinary, we have kind of married together to do this thing in concert. Paul has done nothing but support us, clear the path for us and give us the opportunity to not just do the job, but also to feel the support of how it’s going. He stays with us on a regular basis. He knows what’s going on all the time. He’s been a great resource for us. Not everybody knows, but he’s a great fan and he loves the game. He loves to see the community feel the connection with our team. It’s been rewarding for us too, for John and I, to be in a situation that we love so much but also to be in a situation where we give back a championship for him and the opportunity to enjoy the relationship that he has with the fans. He has done so much for the Northwest. He’s such a tremendous philanthropist. For him to feel really the good and fun of this is a great reward for us. We’re very grateful.”

(on how Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll has changed since his time as New England’s head coach, and the ‘Do Your Job’ philosophy and how it applies to both teams)

Carroll: “I did spend three really good years in New England. I had a great time while I was there. Probably the thing I take away from it the most is the spirit of the fans and the following, and how sincere they are and how much they want to do well and how much they let you know when you don’t. Bill hasn’t had to feel much of that because they’ve done so well through the years, but I got to feel both ends of it pretty quickly in my three years. Things have changed a tremendous amount since that time. I had a great opportunity to kind of find a way to do this job. Really great years at SC (University of Southern California) that were so much fun, and then to take the approach to the NFL and see it how it goes if you treat people and you help them feel like you really do care for them and you do care that you bring them to the best of their capabilities. It’s been a really exciting and fun time to do that. It’s way different now. Things look different than they did back in the day. I got pounded a couple times and got fired a couple times in the league. Everybody likes to have fun with that. My therapist tells me I should always talk about it and that I shouldn’t hide from it. It’s really been fantastic really and a fantastic place to start from. My years there were very beneficial. My relationship with (Patriots Chairman and CEO) Robert (Kraft) and his family will always be special. They supported me in a tremendous way until they couldn’t anymore. Then they made one of the great moves in the history of the NFL by hiring Bill Belichick and all that he’s done. They’ve done famous things together. It’s been fun to watch that. I’ve enjoyed that a lot. I have a tremendous respect for Bill and the job that Robert has done. I’ve watched Robert grow as an owner and Bill take over the organization and do all this great stuff that we see.”

Belichick: “I think in terms of our players and our team, each of us has a job to do. The only thing that we can do is do the best that we can. Let’s improve on a daily basis, work hard, pay attention to the little details and put the team first. Whether it’s myself, a player or an assistant coach, it doesn’t matter who it is, they only thing we can do is what we can do and we try to do that in team context, try to work as hard as we can and improve on a daily basis. We all make mistakes, we all have weaknesses, but I think we can try to address those and improve on that or possibly make them strengths. That’s kind of the backbone of our program. Each one of us does that on a regular basis, the cumulative, we can improve as a football team and as an organization. That’s what it’s really about. I echo a lot of Pete’s comments as well. I’ve been fired a couple times myself. I’ve had a couple ups and downs there, but through it all there is always something to be gained and learned from those experiences. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

(on how officials will signal which receivers are eligible and which ones are not, how has the rule been officiated and if the NFL needs to do a better job with clarifying the rule)

Belichick: “Well, I’ll start and say that’s not my job. Whatever the officials do, that’s their protocol and their mechanics. Whatever that is, you should direct that, as far as I’m concerned, to the league.”

Carroll: “I don’t have any problem with the way we expect it to be handled. They’ll do a great job and we’re very tuned into it. Bill’s done a job of challenging me with some really unique and innovative ideas in how to move people around. They do have to be on their toes, but they’re ready to do that and they’ll do a great job. I don’t think there’s going to be any issue with that in terms of this game at all.”


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