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Is Cassidy’s current coaching conundrum due to injuries, or Sweeney’s roster building – or lack thereof – this summer?

By Kevin Flanagan Bruins Senior Staff Writer What’s a coach to do? The Bruins bench boss Bruce Cassidy is facing quite a conundrum currently.  Even when his club was at their healthiest entering the season, he was still dealing with a considerable drop in production up front to follow what has been the best line in hockey over the last year – the most complete all-around center in...
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Bad enough that they are battered and bruised, it now seems the Bruins pool of top prospects has become barren

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Bruins Senior Staff Writer Sometimes smoke and mirrors are just that.  A cleverly developed rouse that fools most for a while, but eventually when the trick is exposed, the truth is revealed.  And the truth is the Bruins are playing in the new NHL that features Ferraris and Lamborghinis, while the best B’s head coach Bruce Cassidy has at his disposal currently is...
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With the injury bug biting hard again, the Bruins best asset might just be behind their bench

By Kevin Flanagan           BSD Bruins Senior Writer As if the injury bug hadn’t gotten fat enough feasting on the Bruins this fall, it decided it would have another helping of defenseman Kevan Miller – who has a history of missing time with a myriad of maladies in his time with the Black and Gold – resulting in the club that general manager Don Sweeney added little...
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The strength of the Bruins rebuilt will be fortified or exposed over the next month or more

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Bruins Senior Staff Writer We’ve all heard or used the old axiom “I’d rather be lucky than good” at some point in our lives.  However, when it comes to the injury-riddled Boston Bruins early on this season, their luck has been nothing but bad and how good – and deep – they are as an organization is going to be tested over the...
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