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AUDIO- Wicked Take Podcast E22- Ravens Won Week 9 Super Bowl

AUDIO- Wicked Take Podcast E22- Ravens Won Week 9 Super Bowl

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Wicked Take Boston Sports podcast episode 22. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND RATE THIS PODCAST! Wicked takes, hot takes, and some wicked hot takes. Victoria Diamond (@TorrieDiamond), Jordan Moore (@iJordanMoore) and James Gatlin (@JamieGatlin1217) talk Celtics, Patriots, Bruins and a little Red Sox!  First, we talk Bruins, how the B’s are the best team in hockey, the top line is the best line in hockey, what secondary scoring does for this team and we rant about who makes the damn NHL schedule (2:40), then Patriots, how the Ravens won their week 9 Super Bowl, how Lamar Jackson is very good but still is not a thrower, why we are depressed but then we realized that it’s the Patriots and they’ll probably still win the Super Bowl (15:25), then Celtics, how they are the best team in the Eastern Conference, how they are performing with the play from Tatum and Kemba, how Hayward has stepped up, how Kemba is such a great leader and a story about how we got scalped at the game last week (33:48), then Red Sox, JD Martinez is officially back, what this means for Mookie, and what the Red Sox should do this offseason (44:15), and lastly the “bad boy” segment where we give our bad boy of the week (the best player, favorite player). Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @WickedTake for all things Boston sports with news, podcasts, articles, giveaways and more.

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Boston’s most beloved sports podcast covering all things Boston, the city of champions in a bold and satirical manner. Everything Bruins, Celtics, Patriots & Red Sox! Hosted by Jordan Moore, Victoria Diamond, James Gatlin, and Giuseppe Cincinnato. Stay tuned weekly for analysis, creative segments, special interviews, hot takes, wicked takes and wicked hot takes. Follow us, the best Boston sports account on Twitter & Instagram- @WickedTake. Behind the scenes include occasional guest/media manager Jordan Haddock. Est. 2019

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