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Andy Reid press conference: Patriots

Andy Reid press conference: Patriots

imageQ: Can you speak to the process of how you turned around the season after a slow start?
REID: “I kind of mentioned to the people here that, at one point, we’re playing—there’s no excuse, first of all, to start 1-5. I’ve never had that experience. But, looking back now, we had a lot of younger players playing, more than anybody in the league at that time, and we had some guys coming off injury and sickness and a suspension in one case. They all got back in and kind of got in the swing of things. The young guys grew up a little bit, and we put together a couple wins.”

Q: How hard is it to get back into the swing?
REID: “Well, there were some pretty serious injuries, right? Talk about (Mike) DeVito and DJ (Derrick Johnson) with their Achilles tendons, and (Dontari) Poe with his back, he had back surgery, and then Eric Berry with his battle with cancer. So, there was some stuff that takes a little bit of time, maybe not five or six games, but it takes a little bit of time to kind of get yourself going. Yeah, not an excuse. It sounds like that, but that’s not where I’m coming from. We should have done better in those games.”

Q: What has made Alex Smith such a good leader of this team during the winning streak?
REID: “I tell you, he’s stayed consistent and positive, continued to work on his game. That’s just how he’s wired.”

Q: On the interior defensive line being stout against the run as well as pushing the pocket from the inside.
REID: “Yeah, they can park the car, too, but that’s alright. I can say that because my father and mother were from back there. They dealt with the same r’s you guys do. It’s a good bunch. We’ve got a good little rotation there, and that’s a good group. They work hard, they are stout, enjoy playing and good as we can. We’re working on that. We’ve got a lot of room to improve.”

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