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After ousting Orsillo, it seems likely that Remy will be following right behind at NESN

After ousting Orsillo, it seems likely that Remy will be following right behind at NESN

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

The NESN broadcast booth at Fenway Park must be an awfully awkward place these days with Don Orsillo being unceremoniously sacked last week while on the road in Chicago, and his partner for the better part of the last 15 years – Jerry Remy – likely wondering what the future holds for him as well.

While it was widely assumed by the bitter broadcast viewers in Red Sox Nation, who are still smarting from someone they consider one of their own being shown the door, that Remy would remain is his color analyst role when the new guy Dave O’Brien assumes Orsillo’s chair, it is very likely that may not be the case.

In a piece that ran in this past Saturday in the Boston Herald written by columnist Steve Buckley, Red Sox chairman Tom Werner tried to explain away the dismissal of D.O. by clumsily saying that O’Brien would “reenergize” the broadcast, and that the replacement of Orsillo wasnothing against Don. It was the opportunity to bring on Dave.”

I’m not sure about you, but I believe that about as much as I believed Hanley Ramirez would work hard enough to become an adequate left fielder at Fenway. That is, of course, not in the least.

However, the most telling remarks regarding Remy’s future in the booth came from NESN president/CEO Sean McGrail. Buckley writesAs for Remy’s future with NESN, McGrail told me, “Jerry’s in our plans for next season. He will be on the telecasts. We haven’t finalized that, but he will be involved.”

In a reduced role?

“We don’t know yet,” McGrail said. “We’re working through that. We weren’t going to talk about that until October, but he will be with us for sure.”

Translationdon’t expect to see the Remdawg on a regular basis in the booth next year. For some reason only known to Red Sox/NESN ownership and upper management, they are taking a torch to one of the most beloved announcing teams in baseball, all under the guise of “reenergizing” the way the productwhich has been beyond awful for three of the last four yearsis presented to the viewing public.


Here’s a novel idea, how about fixing a team that has been out of contention in July regularly since 2012, and has had a portion of their viewers tune in after the team was out of it in large part due to the guys who were calling the game, not the stiffs who were playing in it?

How about not low-balling players who brought through your system and helped lead you to a World Series Titlehello, Jon Lesterinstead of backing up the Brinks truck for a turd like Rick Porcello because he happens to fall within the parameters that Carmine the computer says is a good investment?

Despite the blowback Boston fans have laid upon the Sox leadershipby the way, nice try attempting to “control the message” by having signs supporting Orsillo confiscated at the gate, it will only be worse going forwardthe tone-deaf duo of John Henry and Werner in some weird way think that by blowing up the broadcast booth, the ratings for their rotten team will soar.

If the past week is any indication, Remy’s role will most likely be as a studio analyst, with occasional appearances in the booth until he is finally phased out entirely.

Red Sox fans should get ready for the likes of Steve Lyons, Dennis Eckersley, Tim Wakefield, or the guy I think they really wantLou Merloniin large doses calling games next to O’Brien next season.

Whoever they select to take his place, one thing is for sure, NESN won’t be sayingBuenas noches, amigo” to the Remdawg next season, they will be saying “Adiós” sooner, rather than later.

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23 responses

  1. BAD,BAD,BAD……

  2. TF

    Don’t mind Eck or Merloni but please no Lyons. Any chance we can get Millar?

    • Totally agree, NO LYONS, Eck is AMAZING and Merloni would be good too. And cudos for:
      “How about not low-balling players who brought through your system”. How many years do we see the Sox NOT pay for proven players who have helped this team and can produce in Boston yet throw bad money to guys who haven’t played an inning for us and don’t come close to who we have let slip away? TOO MANY.

  3. You don’t replace the ones reporting that the team sucks… You replace the team that sucks…

  4. NESN management (and RedSox ownership who own them all) are already pathetic for tossing Don out like so much trash, and then gooning it up by trying to suppress fan reaction (confiscating signs and moving the pre-game show). Now they are planning on screwing The RemDawg too!!! DISGUSTING IS TOO POLITE A WORD. Sox ownership and NESN are a total embarrassment.

  5. I agree with everything that was written. I am so angry! Don and Jerry are the best team in baseball. I have listened to other stations and the announcers are BORING!!! I hate watching the Red Sox when they are on a national network station. The announcers are not fun. Jerry and Don entertain us as well as call the game. Who cannot love when they both start giggling and teasing each other. Who else has that kind of chemistry??? You are taking
    the Boston out of Boston. Fix the team not the announcers. This has been one of the most painful seasons and yet I listen because of the two of them.
    The ONLY reason. Listen to your listeners when we say BAD MOVE. Bring
    Don back and leave alone what is NOT BROKEN.

    • CT

      Totally agree with everything in your post. Cannot even imagine watching Red Sox without Don and Jerry.

  6. JP

    Eckersley is good and O’Brien is good but will stop watching if it is Lyons or Merloni.

    Orsillo and Remy are the best with their chemistry and it is the main reason I watch on NESN.

  7. What kind of idiots would hire Steve Lyons to replace the Remdawg? Well, I know the answer to that already. They deserve to end up in the cellar again and again and again.
    And they probably will b/c they have no more idea of how to operate a baseball club.

  8. I agree! Firing Don Orsillo was just like firing Jerry Remy as well. They are the best duo in baseball announcing. Werner said changing announcers would improve the team. The team won’t be any better. We need pitching. I have previously compared the lack of signing of Lester and the signing of Porcello . That did not improve the pitching staff. That also demonstrated the lack of loyalty to players and fans by the owners. They just want their own people to be everywhere. I am 78 years old and started with announcers like Jim Britt and Curt Gowdy. Don Orsilllo has been the best of the breed.

  9. Why is it that the opinions of their consumers do not matter to the ownership of the Red Sox? 52,000 people sign a petition in support of Orsillo, every form of media blows up with posts, emails, etc., they have to move their NESN pre-game show onto the field out of fear of harassment by angry fans – what is wrong with them?

    Their pocketbooks WILL suffer as a result of this terrible, terrible decision. And all the smoke and mirrors in the world will never cover up this disgusting fiasco.

    I have been a loyal fan my entire life, and I just can’t watch the broadcasts right now. I’m sickened.

  10. “Reenergize”? “Reenergize” my left boob…who brings more energy than Don???
    This make no sense…I’m sure Dave is a nice enough guy, but geeze, WTF???.
    This is very sad and it’s surely going to come back and bite them in their collective butt. @Re-SignDon

  11. The only reason to watch the NESN broadcast is to watch the Don and Remy show! Without them I’ll just watch on MLB network.


    I’LL BE WAITInG TO SEE WHAT KaRmA has in mind for nesn

  13. This is all wrong. Don and Jerry are why I watch.

  14. Management is profoundly out of touch with the fans. We watch NESN BECAUSE of Don & Jerry……& IN SPITE of the team having another embarrassing year.
    Take away Don & Jerry? There is no
    point in watching NESN.
    Wake up management!!!

  15. They were the best team since Dizzy & PeeWee!!!! Low ratings are because of ownerships failures lately. I would suspect that national nerwork or TBS will pick up Orsillo in a heartbeat! ! I am leaving what was Redsox Nation, and become a Cubs/Rays fan.

  16. don

    soon as don gets a contract with another team, jerry should bid adious to the red sox and join don with the new team ASAP !!!

  17. We have much bigger turds than Porcello.

    Anyhow, it’s unimaginable to think how home games will be next year. I shudder at the thought. I remember when MLB-TV (Canadian, here) offered the option to PAY MORE for home broadcasts, and I was over the moon! Listening to Don and Jerry is a treasure.

    The ownership are much more out of touch with the fanbase than I ever imagined. Sadly, our boycott threats will wane, collectively, and NESN will have the last laugh. I hate that.

    Jerry, none of us will blame you if you walk. I would (walk).

  18. The article was in SUNDAY’s herald, and it said that, basically, McGrail didnt’ like Don. WHAT????? Does he even watch NESN?

  19. I’m sure it won’t change the lives of the “powers that be” but I will drop NESN from my dish package. Don and Jerry are the best. They have been a big part of my life! Who else could pull off the pizza incident as well. I laugh whenever I think of it. Don and Jerry are one of the few things about the Red Sox that aren’t broken! NESN deserves to hire Steve Lyons or Dennis Eckersley (yawn)! They will go from FIRST to WORST in broadcasting! NESN, you are dead to me!

  20. honestly the biggest mistake they have made yet is forcing Orsillo out and now forcing Remmy’s hand so that he quits. But honestly I don’t think they need NESN, NESN needs them definitely. They have better insight into the Redsox than the owners do!

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